Fire Cider For All - With Hey Thanks! Herbal Co.  - Fire Cider is a traditional herbal folk remedy that uses simple, accessible kitchen ingredients to create a powerful winter wellness tonic!  This vinegar-based infusion can relieve sinus congestion, ward off colds and flus, increase digestion and circulation, to keep our immune systems strong all winter long. 


In this two hour class we’ll discuss the history and tradition of Fire Cider, the  benefits and medicinal properties of each ingredient,  and guidelines for sharing  this medicine with family and friends. Everyone will create their very own batch of Fire Cider to take home,  as well as the knowledge to keep this herbal tradition alive for generations to come!


Katelyn is a folk herbalist, gardener, and forager, and the heart & soul behind Hey Thanks! Herbal Company, a small-batch apothecary located in Baltimore, MD. Using primarily homegrown and locally sourced herbs, their goal is to provide products that reconnect people to the medicines of their region, and prolong the tradition of grassroots herbalism and local healers.


Includes LARDER snacks and a warm herbal infusion.

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3 West 23rd Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218, United States
LARDER looks to pre-industrial food preservation as a foundation for a menu based in seasonal ingredients. We combine peak-harvest produce from regional farms with culinary influences from travels in Europe, Mexico and the Middle East. Our menu changes often, sometimes daily, and almost everything is made from scratch in our open kitchen. We make gluten-free pastries, vegan pâté, and lacto-fermented pickles for our neighbors at Sophomore and Fadensonnen. We source humanely raised meat and collaborate with small Maryland farms to offer the most delicious varietals of produce. We occasionally offer workshops, talks and ticketed dinners... like this one!